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Welcome to Boot Up! Outdoor Learning with Falmouth Forest School

Friday, 8 April 2011

The signs of a good Boot-up! meeting...

Easter Party!

It's the end of term and what a sunny day!

Easter egg hunt... in the strawberry patch...

Easter rabbit hole!

Today we were really productive and made windmills, which work well as bird scarers and shine in the spring sun....

....amazing wooden stools with Rory, painted bright sunny colours....

...planted the clay pots we made last week with flowers to take home as gifts...

....made chocolate crispy nests.... yummy!.....

...used the Den for hiding them in!!!

Then had a lovely party!

Meg made everyone a WONDERFUL book showing the TAP Projects progression. Thanks Meg!

What a great end to an AMAZING day.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

People & Places visit

We were invited by the Eden Project's People & Places Project to have a look around their nurseries near Pentewan.

One of their team was making a show display for the Spring Flower Show at Boconnoc on Saturday. They were making a ' Living Room'

A living armchair
A living carpet
lots of plants for the display

Watering Lane Nurseries

Giant Greenhouses - makes Boot Up! look a bit small! They were originally built to grow the tall tropical rain forest now in the Tropical Biome at Eden.

Some of the clients pricking out the valuable lettuce crop for the Eden canteen

The lettuce growing

Lettuce is the main cash crop

A living air plant that will make the curtains for the living room display

The Fields
Spring onion crop in a huge polytunnel

Dodging the sprinklers
and of course we finished the day with a working lunch at Charelstown Harbour. Its a hard life!


The National Trust's Head Gardener at Glendurgan Garden harvested some bamboo for us to use on the Bottle Greenhouse build project.

We had to go and get it... we did not expect it to be soooo bushy!

You can imagine what this looked liked driving over to Boot Up!


The Build in nearly finished and before the flooring goes down we thought it would be nice to paint the floor!

Everyone got a square (or oblong!) to design and off they go............

We have taken photos of it to keep on display in the build -soon to be christened The Den. It seems a shamed to cover it but it has been varnished and saved for posterity!

It's OUR secret, We know it's there!